ESC High PWR 15A Electronic switch with voltage regulator

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Alewings has developed a new line of electronic switches for one or two batteries named ESC. ESC High PWR 15A is a new generation switch with button and joins together a double electronic switch managed by a microcontroller, a programmable battery checker with memory of the minimum voltage for checking the two batteries and a voltage regulator with output selectable from 5V to 7,4V for 15A peak current. It is at its best when used as switch managing one or two batteries for the supply of receiver and servos, but also for a safe supply of gas engine electronic ignitions.

Technical Details:

- On-off by button

- Stabilized output with tension selectable from 5V to 7,4V

- Ideal for using HV servos

- Programmable for using with one or two batteries

- Dimensions 52x23x20mm (External panel 69x25mm)

- Weight 28gr


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