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Kit lumières Sport Jet

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Welcome the ILS-01 Light system from Advanced Radio. The newest and most feature packed scale lighting system available today. The Advanced Radio ILS-01 was developed in consultation with many world known scale RC pilots.


Super Bright Lights

The Advanced Radio ILS-01 LED lights are so bright you will see them 100?s meters/yards away in bright sunny conditions. These lights are so bright that you get the best scale look in the air and on the ground.

Simple to use design
Our designers have worked hard to make using the ILS-01 Lighting system simple and easy-to-use. With 2 rotary dials you can easily choose over 2500 different pattern combinations. Just rotate, set and forget.

Built in simulation LEDs
The Advanced Radio ILS-01 comes with simulation LED built into the main unit so you can try 1000?s of combinations to simulate the desired lighting effect before plugging into your main lights. Hours of fun.

6 lighting channels on 10 physical outputs.
ILS-01 offers 6 separate lighting channels with 10 physical output connectors for example: left/right NAV or front/rear strobe etc.

Channel 1 ? Strobe1/Beacon1 with 14 lighting patterns.
Channel 2 ? Strobe2/Beacon2 with 16 lighting patterns.
Channel 3 ? Strobe3/Navigation channel with 16 lighting patterns.
Channel 4 ? Landing lights with on/off control.
Channel 5 ? Afterburner1/Auxilliary1.
Channel 6 ? Afterburner2/Auxilliary2.


Advanced Switching option
Switching the ILS-01 lighting module on and off is simple. Just plug a signal wire from your receiver and use one of your transmitter?s 3 stage switches or slider as the master control. The 3 stage switch is assigned as follows:

1)      Switch off (Master Switch) = All lights OFF.
2)      Switch position 1 = Strobes and NAV lights ON. Landing lights OFF.
3)      Switch position 2 = Strobes and NAV lights ON. Landing lights ON.

ILS-01 lighting system comes with the following Strobe/Beacon Patterns.

SW Position Switch1/Strobe1 Switch2/Strobe2 Strobe3/NAV
0 Short Flash Short Flash Short Flash
1 Long Flash Short Flash Opp Phase Short Flash Opp Phase
2 Double Short Flash Long Flash Long Flash
3 Double Long Flash Long Flash Opp Phase Long Flash Opp Phase
4 Short Short Long Flash Double Short Flash Double Short Flash
5 Long Long Short Flash Double Short Flash Opp Phase Double Short Flash Opp Phase
6 Short Long Short Flash Double Long Flash Double Long Flash
7 Long Short Long Flash Double Long Flash Opp Phase Double Long Flash Opp Phase
8 Rotating Beacon Short Long Short Flash Short Long Short Flash
9 Double R.B. Long Short Long Flash Long Short Long Flash
A Learn Nav On Switch Position Short Short Long Flash Short Short Long Flash
B* Learn Landing On Switch Position Long Long Short Flash Long Long Short Flash
C* Copy Strobe 2 to Nav Rotating Beacon Rotating Beacon
D* Learn After Burner ON Throttle PWM Rotating Beacon Opp Phase Rotating Beacon Opp Phase
E* No Effect Switched On Switched On
F* Factory Reset Beacon Flash Beacon Flash

















With this amount of flexibility you are guaranteed to have the right lighting scheme for your model.


Click Here to view the ILS-01 quick start guide


Whats included in this Sports Jet kit:

The Sports Jet AR I-light system has be designed for your new giant scale project to give that extra scale flair to your model and includes the ILS-01 master module and all the lights necessary for your project.

The Scale Sports Jet Lighting kit includes:

1 x ILS-01 master lighting module

2 x 18mm Extreme White LED Lens Light

1 x 18mm Red Extreme Bright Navigation LED Light

1 x 18mm Green Extreme Brighte Navigation LED Light

1 x White Flush Mount Strobe LED Light

Optional Afterburner Ring

Pour les pilotes de turbine l'ILS-01 est également livré avec un système de postcombustion 2 canaux construit en droit. Lorsque vous ajoutez l'anneau en option postcombustion nous combinons orange (orange) et bleu LEDS haute intensité pour donner une couleur de postcombustion réaliste. Les deux canaux de postcombustion permettent l'ILS-01 pour ajuster automatiquement la combinaison orange / bleu pour le look plus réaliste postcombustion.



- Super longue vie lumineuse 12V Ampoules à LED - visible jusqu'à un mile / kilomètre dans des conditions ensoleillées.

- 10 sorties physiques entre 6 canaux d'éclairage distinctes. Pas besoin de connecteurs de plomb laids Y.

- Pour les modèles de turbines - double port postcombustion pour l'anneau de postcombustion à double couleur. (Cycle de post-combustion vendu séparément)

- Pour les modèles non turbine ports double AUX pour les fonctions d'éclairage supplémentaires.

- Master Control pour allumer et éteindre les lumières avec par votre émetteur.

- feux d'atterrissage commutables séparés.

- Plus de 2500 combinaisons différentes stroboscopiques sur 3 canaux.

- Entrée de la batterie: (10.6volts - 12VOLTS) 3S Lipo ou lion 3S. (Capacité recommandée minimum de 1100mA)

- Dimensions: 70 mm x 40 mm 20 mm (2,75 x 1,57 x 0,78 pouces).

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