THE JET CAVE Protection cover 4x4m

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The Jet Cave

Who does not know the situation, you are in a meeting and suddenly it starts to rain or you stay a few days on the airfield, dismantling planes each time is annoying.

Yes, you can cover it with a tarp that protects against rain but not moisture.
You can see that when you uncover the plane after the rain or in the morning, mist everywhere it starts from the inside because the humidity comes from below.

But we have a solution for that !!!

Very simple Jet Cave and 100% waterproof and moisture proof.

Set comes with pegs, reusable moisture wicking pad and bag

Delivered in different dimensions it will protect your plane, whether it is a jet, aerobatic plane or model.

Dimension   Designed for:
2x2m  small planes until 1,5 m wingspan
2.5x 2.5m small planes until 1,9 m wingspan
3 x 3m  mid planes until 2,3m wingspan 
3.5 x 3.5m mid planes until 2,6m wingspan 
4 x 4m  large planes until 3m wingspan
4.5 x 4.5m  Large planes until 3,5m wingspan
5 x 5m xl planes until 4m wingspan 

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