Voltage Regulator 5.5V 4A peak

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Stabilized voltage regulator with voltage output 5.5V for a current maximum 4A. Perfect for supplying power receiver and servos of RC models. This type of regulator can manage a 3A continue current and a 4A peak. It works with a 2s Li.Poli / Li.fe battery.

Dimensions and weight are very reduced so that you can place it easily everywhere in your radio box.

It is provided with 0,5qmm wires and BEC connector to the battery and UNI connector to the receiver.

Technical Details:

- Maximun peak output current 4A

- Output voltage 5.5V

- Equipped with connectors and 0,5qmm wires

- Dimensions: 30x13x7mm - Weight 8gr

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