Inflatable Paint Booth

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Customized giant inflatable paint spray booth inflatable spray booth inflatable car paint booth

Inflatable spray paint booths are mobile, portable and durable products which are eco-friendly to you.

It gives your luxury of setting up it at any location.

Inflatable spray paint booths do not require any kind of special knowledge for setting up and install,

they can be easly pack up and go wherever you want. They are very attractive as well as unique.

Anyone can use the inflatable spray booths. They can be used for different purpose such as wholesale, car painting and much more.

They are available in different sizes. You can buy these inflatable booths as per your need.


Product Features:

*They are highly durable, so you don?t need to worry about them getting damaged while you are packing and unpacking it.

*It?s easy to inflate and deflate and thanks to the electric blowers that come included with the package, this takes no longer than a couple of minutes.

*It?s small enough to fit in the back of a car which makes it incredibly easy to transport.

*The filters and flooring can be removed for easy maintenance.

*Large enough to accommodate the largest domestic car inside with ease

 *Inexpensive to run- all that is needed is a power source for the electric blowers.


Product Specification:  

Size: 4x3.4x3m (LxWxH)

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