Multifunction Landing Gears and Doors Sequencer V1/V2 for ER-05/08/10/120/150/200

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Multifunction Landing Gears and Doors Sequencer V1/V2 for ER-05/08/10/120/150/200

For JMB JETS Mirage, Boeing T7, Boeing T7XXL, K8, Baja Jets L39, Viper XXL


This new JP Hobby electronic module is used to control the animation sequences of retractable landing gear as well as doors. It can also be used with other enclosures equipped with integrated end of limit switches.

  • The functions of the JP Hobby module are multiple:
  • Automatic detection of the supply voltage
  • Adjusting the supply voltage of the servos actuating the gear doors
  • Adjusting the direction of rotation of the servos actuating the gear doors
  • Push button to test without using the radio
  • Mode selection:

       - 1: Opened gear doors when the landing gear is out        
       - 2: Closed gear doors when the landing gear is out

This controller can be used for either bicycles (2 channels) or tricycles (3 channels)gears systems from JP Hooby.


  • Dimensions: 63x42x16mm
  • Voltage range: 7.4-8.4V
  • Weight: 34.7g

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