Savöx SV-1261MG

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SAVSV1261MG Mini Hi Torque High Voltage Digital Servo 0.095sec / 277oz @ 7.4V The new SV1261MG takes the performance of the SV1260MG and utilizing the same size case, increased the torque to a whopping 277oz/in while maintaining an impressive 0.095 second transit time. Primarily intended for air applications, this powerhouse can also be used in specialty cars, trucks, and boats and is intended to be used on direct 7.4V LiPo current. Features: Metal gear train provide durability against heavy use Capable of HV operation All aluminum case provides strength and cooler operating temperatures Specifications: Torque @ 7.4v: 20.0kg/277oz./in Speed @ 7.4v: 0.095 sec/60 deg Dimensions L x W x H (mm): 35 x 15 x 30.7 Weight: 40.0g / 1.4 oz

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